Friday, April 18, 2014

You Get a Gold Star

My newest quilt is entitled You Get a Gold Star.

In progress.

My parameters for the design of this quilt were:
1.  Use my "module" idea for one or more of the units of the block.
2.  Use the Tri-Recs rulers.
3.  Colors:  scrappy and cheddar/gold.

I really like the look of the 54-40 or Fight block, and I wanted a chance to use my Tri-Recs rulers, but ultimately decided I would like the block to look a bit simpler.  There's lots going on in this quilt, and I really wanted the gold/cheddar stars to stand out, so I substituted a plain block for the center of the star.

My two modules for this quilt are a simple scrappy 4-patch module, and the Tri-Recs star points module.  Both very simple.  The sashing will incorporate more scrappy 4-patches, and I'm thinking an outer border of 4-patches will be very effective as well.

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