Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Today was a lovely, lazy Sunday.  I hung out with my kitties, Frank and Dimbo.

Made chocolate chip cookies.

Gessoed a few pages in my art journals.  This is the one I didn't like too well from last night, so I put a gesso wash over it.  Interestingly, the blue in the bottom right-hand corner is a spray (on a stencil) that I put on the acrylic as an afterthought.  It was really lost in all the colorful paint, but once I applied the gesso wash it really popped through the gesso layer in a way that the acrylic doesn't.

 And did a little knitting on my Ashton Shawlette, which I am working on for a class I'm teaching at my local yarn shop, The Red Barn Yarn Farm.

A relaxing, lazy Sunday!

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