Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kickstart Your Art Days 3 & 4: Fly Doodle

Today is the fourth day of a Smeared and Smudged Forum challenge, Kickstart Your Art!, an Art Journal Every Day challenge.  We are given a prompt every morning and then have 24 hours to produce a journal page.

Yesterday I didn't make it to the blogging stage of producing a journal page, so here is yesterday's page.  The prompt was to "Make a Collage."

This is a natural for me--I love making collages-gluing down bits and bobs of papers and tissue and then stamping and drawing over them.

Today's prompt was to "Doodle."  You would think that this would be simple, but I had a certain "look" in my head, and I just kept working and working at this page until it was OVERworked.  I like parts of it, but as a whole I think I probably should have stopped messing with it two or three stages ago.

Ah, well.  There's always tomorrow to try again.


  1. Loved your collage page, and your doodle page is very cool!:) Thanks for playing along with us!

  2. This are wonderful! Thanks for playing with us at KICKSTART YOUR ART!