Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Little String Patchwork

I've been getting that quilting urge again lately, so this evening I headed down to my studio and worked on a project that has been hanging around for quite a while.  I began this string quilting project probably two or more years ago now, and it has been patiently waiting for me to return to it all this time!

This is the piece that I had completed so long ago.

And these are the blocks I worked on tonight.

I only worked for about an hour or so, and I got ten of these fun 6 1/2" blocks made.  These are an "anything goes" type of block--I just start pulling strings out of my big bin of string scraps and sewing them down.  I do use a background paper to paper piece these onto.  The only rule I try to follow is to alternate light and dark strips.

I was working tonight on my Singer 338, a machine that I use quite a bit and just love.  I love the color of it as well as that fact that it's an old-fashioned workhorse of a machine!

I love vintage machines, and have several that I have gotten at garage sales or on craigslist, and I particularly like machines that were made in the 1950's and 1960's.  They are just so cool, and they were built to last, unlike so many inexpensive machines today.  This particular machine was made between 1963-1965, so it is at least 50 years old and still sews perfectly.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone!

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