Sunday, May 15, 2016

More Strings

I have to admit, my enthusiasm for fiber crafting is kind of low.  I'm not sure why this is, but I just am not working on any projects that are just grabbing me right now.  I continue to work on my orange sweater, and even finished the body of it the other day.  Now for the sleeves...

And I continue to work on my string-pieced blocks--a few a day.

Today I made eight blocks; yesterday I made nine.  I know, I know, real exciting, right?!

I've been reading this blog lately, and thinking about doing some refashioning of my own thrift store finds.  Trouble is, it's a lot harder to refashion thrift store clothes when you're a woman of size like myself.  The woman that writes that blog is seriously tiny, so it's relatively easy for her to find clothes in larger sizes that she can cut down to fit herself.  Not so me!  It definitely makes for more difficult thrift store and yard sale hunting when you have to start with clothes in larger sizes.  But I do love a good thrift store/yard sale find!  So maybe you'll be seeing some of my own refashioning projects on the blog....

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