Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Playing Around in the Studio

I spent a little time playing around in my studio this evening, making some card bases and flinging a little paint onto my current canvas.

First I did a little experimenting with Ken Oliver Color Bursts on watercolor paper, wetting the paper first and puffing the powder on and also spraying the powder after it was on the paper to make it spread and run.  I like these, although the results are kind of unpredictable.

 This last pair is actually done with some Distress Inks in the background, and then some of the Color Bursts on top.

I'll let all these dry overnight, and then cut or tear them up to make bases for cards.

I also painted a bit on my current canvas.  Right now this painting is kinda blah; I'll have to think about what to do to it to enliven it a bit.  Maybe some stencilling?

Then, as usual, I used up my leftover paint in my art journal.

I actually really like the way these color are working together.  Maybe I'll try another face on this spread.

Then I played a bit with some pattern paper, a little tissue paper, and this funny rooster stamp by Mary Vogel Lozinak

These are destined to be cards, but the gel medium I used to apply the tissue paper and the stamped roosters has to dry overnight.

So, for now, everything is quietly drying and I am almost ready to head for bed.  Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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