Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Starting a New Painting

This evening I started a new painting and added some paint to one already begun.

I experimented here with applying the paint with the edge of an old gift card, and I really like this way of laying the paint down.

Then I tinkered around a little bit in a couple of my art journals, putting some paint down randomly and using some rubber stamps to add bits to a couple of pages.

And here's two more pages that I finished another day.

I like this art journal that I made from an old book, binding all sorts of miscellaneous paper into it for the pages.  I am trying not to be too precious about my work in it, but jut to go with the flow and create intuitively, adding images and using stamps that I like.  I like this chicken page and think it's pretty successful, the page above it with the woman's face less successful.  But I am letting it go--not going to fiddle with it any more.  For one thing, the paper it is based on is rather thin, and is becoming warped.  A good lesson for my next bookbinding project--choose thicker papers!

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