Monday, April 4, 2016

Progress is Slow

I've made some progress on several projects over the last couple of days.  I finished my spinning project; now I have two skeins of beautiful dark-brown wool.  I'm not sure of the yardage on this--I'm a little lazy when it comes to calculating yardage on handspun.  I know that it's about 8 oz.

I've gotten a bit farther on my original design, Blossom Towel.  I finished all the actual cross stitches and have begun on the backstitching.


And I crocheted a bit on the "Chicken Wire" segment I am working on for the Mr. Ghan.

And, last but not least, I began today on a top-down sweater I am making for a class I'm teaching at the Red Barn Yarn Farm.  (The class starts tomorrow and runs all month, in case anyone would like to come knit with us!)  It's not much to look at yet, but it's a start.  This is the back neckline area.  I guess, technically, this too will be an original design.


A little bit of progress on several different fronts--when you work on several different projects at once, as I tend to, progress on any one thing tends to be slow.  But a little progress is better than nothing, right?!

Tonight I feel like doing a little painting.  Off to my studio I go!

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