Saturday, October 11, 2014


Today is the eleventh day of the 31 Days of Halloween Challenge and Blog Hop, sponsored by Smeared Ink and the Smeared and Smudged forum!

To see everyone who is participating in the blog hop, follow the blog roll on the right.  If you're following the blog roll, you probably got here from Sue's blog and will want to proceed to Leslie's blog after you've stopped here!

I have a Halloween card to offer you today, titled "SHHHHH."

It features another creepy clown. (Evidently I have a sort of deep-seated fear of clowns; they always seem creepy to me.  I don't remember being traumatized by a clown in my youth...but perhaps there's something my parents aren't telling me.)

The details:
  1. Skull image--digi stamp Creepy Skull from debsvintageprints etsy shop
  2. Clown--fussy-cut from Antique Gothic Chemistry Skeleton 3 digi stamp from AntiqueGraphique etsy shop
  3. "clown" word stamp--vintage stamp from my stash
  4. "SHHHH" letters--I believe that this is the Alanna's Alphabet from Ma Vinci's Reliquary, although I myself purchased it from an ebay seller
  5.  Faber Castell Gelatos
  6. Tsukineko irRESISTible Pico Embellisher in Lady Bug


  1. EEEK! So TOTALLY creepy! that sinister smile is soo menacing. LOVE the kull and blood drips! I repeat, EEEK!!!!! xxD

  2. I am like you beginning to wonder about the clown thing! This one is super creepy... the whole point for this hop! Great composition!

  3. I totally agree with NanB! You have nailed this Hop to a "T". This is the scariest clown and with the blood drips.......ooooooo......nightmares!

    Love your background and love the muted colors except for the red!


  4. Yikes! What an awesomely scary clown! Love your card and all the blood drips too.

  5. Ooh that's a good bit creepy! Love the blood drips and the fab clown image - he's creepy but cool! Mo x

  6. Oh my! This is really creepy, love the drips of blood from the letters, Terrified by the clown.

  7. eeeeeeek RUN, it's never a good thing when I creepy clown says shhhhhhh YIKES! Love it in all it's creepiness!

  8. A really creepy clown! Love the drips dripping from SHHHH! and the skull in the background!

  9. okay this is the first card that has scared me yikes

  10. I've never understood the whole fear of clowns thing - but now that he has a skull head and is shushing us, makes me wonder what fearfull mischief he might be up to!

  11. I agree, Clowns are creepy. What a bloody mess you've made! LOL!!!